WebAgent Navigator
WebAgent Navigator
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WebAgent Navigator

Live Demonstration

A comprehensive, full-service, web based, call scripting and contact management system for call centers, sales groups, and customer service teams.

WebAgent Navigator is a fully programmable scripting engine that provides customized call flow scripting for telephone agents to respond to both inbound and outbound customer and prospect calls.

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  • This demonstration has been designed to show some of the features of WebAgent Navigator and to allow you to explore and become familiar with the application.

  • You will be logged in as a phone agent or Telephone Service Representative (TSR) waiting to accept incoming phone calls or make outbound calls to customers and/or prospects.

  • The softphone (software based telephone) used in this demonstration emulates a real telephone... it acts like it dials, connects, answers, holds, transfers, and pauses the agent (i.e. for after-call work) but it does not connect to a phone switch/PBX or actually dial a phone.

webagent login screen.png

Once logged in, the first thing you'll want to try is Demo Inbound Call or Demo Sales Call. Both emulate an incomming call. You can also use Customer Search & Dial to emulate an outbound call to an existing customer.

The Prospect Search & Dial is used to search the leads database and the Preview Next Prospect uses the Lead Server to automatically select the next available prospect to call.


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 If you have any questions or problems, or would like further information or a guided demonstration, please contact Kevin Burkholder via email or phone.

The WebAgent Navigator demo, as well as the development and beta sites, are running from an Amazon EC2 instance with QueueMetrics running on a 2nd EC2 instance. The database (MariaDB) is running on Amazon RDS. The softphone script using Amazon Connect is served from an Amazon S3 bucket using Amazon CloudFront content delivery.