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EarthAsylum Consulting + Kevin Burkholder

To Make A Difference

Kevin Burkholder is a business and technology consultant dedicated to leadership and strengths based performance. Kevin’s goal is to help companies and individuals achieve both greater performance and personal fulfillment by focusing on individual talent.

“The traditional business model of the top-down organizational chart cannot produce or maintain corporate excellence into the coming era. Tomorrow’s world demands that the chart be turned upside down and that leaders must serve their company by working for their employees to ensure personal engagement in the vision and direction of the company. In order to be successful, companies must find a way to capitalize on the talents and strengths of each individual and to provide an environment that feeds the intrinsic motivations of people by empowering them to let loose their creativity, enthusiasm, and devotion.”

-- Kevin Burkholder

Recognizing the needed changes in the typical hierarchical structures that we have all accepted, Kevin has embarked both professionally and personally to change the way it is. Through his consulting and coaching practice, Kevin works to enable leaders, managers, and employees to bring out the best they have to offer. Through his personal endeavor – The EarthAsylum Leadership Circle - Kevin is bringing together people who see a better future and are willing to create change and work towards that future.

Prior to starting his own business, Kevin spent 11 years as Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at American Telecast Products, LLC (formerly American Telecast Corporation), known as one of the most successful consumer product and direct marketing companies in the world. While there, Kevin’s expertise in leadership, process improvement, change management, business alignment, and information technology helped focus and shape the company as it evolved through years of changing markets and business demands.

For nine years, earlier in his career, Kevin was a technology consultant serving as a project manager, software developer, systems analyst, and technical operations manager for numerous companies in diverse industries such as life and health insurance, marketing services, defense procurement, magazine publishing, and in the not-for-profit sector. Being referred to as “the hired gun” by his clients, Kevin has been called on to solve business and technical problems beyond the capabilities of internal staff.

Kevin’s career began with an enlistment and training in the United States Navy. From there he worked as a computer operator in the early 1980’s, then as an applications and systems programmer, network engineer, and on through many diverse roles in the technology field.

Through a career spanning decades of changes, advancements, and evolving practices in technology and business, Kevin has always remained at the forefront of the industry.

Known for his unique combination of experience, knowledge, imagination, vision, and integrity, today Kevin is recognized as an accomplished leader with strengths in business process, continuous improvement, recognizing and developing talent, and building powerful, imaginative solutions.


EarthAsylum was conceived with the basic belief that this is not how it's supposed to be...

...but with the knowledge that the world is blessed with life-affirming, ethical, and pioneering leaders discovering a new way of life. A way of life that will bring about the social, political, and personal changes needed for our businesses, our communities and our souls to flourish. We believe these leaders will bring about what it is supposed to be.

We need, support, and encourage life-affirming leaders.

Our mission is to learn by teaching and teach by learning. We strive to understand and develop leadership skills and talent in a way that transcends trends and looks beyond short-term goals.

We see our mutual role as supporting individuals and organizations in achieving effective leadership through life affirming and supporting practices.

We venture to encourage leaders of any age and status as they embark on new challenges, and we hope to empower those that have not yet stretched their leadership abilities or realized their leadership talents.

Our Values

Altruism. We support and encourage those willing to serve; those who gain satisfaction through the pursuit of the greater good; those that believe that leading for the benefit of others is right and good. And we support those who do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Self-Expression. We admire the creative and pioneering spirit available in all of us. We wish to create an environment that fosters the growth of this spirit and that creates opportunity for this spirit to flourish unfettered.

Love and Kindness. We believe that people thrive on their relationships with others and that we need to build those relationships out of kindness, understanding, and love.

Integrity and Responsibility. We cannot act for the good; we cannot lead if we are not willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We will not succeed in leading others if our integrity falters; if we cannot be true to ourselves and to those around us.

Learning and Reflection; Growth and Rebirth. We recognize the necessity of continual learning; of taking time to reflect on our own experiences; in learning from success and from failure. We see personal growth and rebirth as a natural part of life. And we see this as important elements to true leadership.

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